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Today is 02/23/2020
Condo purchased January 23 2004
Renovations January 26 - ?
Moved in March 31 2004.

Here is a reminder of things which are not right (click here to see all pictures)

The only way I can explain the numerous problems displayed in the pictures in the above link is poor workmanship. I expect to get what I paid for, no more ,no less. I expect the craftsmen and women who work on my condo to know how to use the tools of their trade and I would hope that they take pride in their work. This does not seem to be the case. The reasons for this poor quality of workmanship could be numerous but I would think the key ingredients to a result like this are #1 rush on time #2 no quality control and #2 Lack of repercussions for less than quality work. This is unacceptable and I would like the problems corrected.


To Do List: (see list to left under news for most recent info)

Caulking or sealant around edges is bubbling up.
Board under counter top over hang is sticking out and appears to be old rotten wood. - Board was sanded down 6/15/04
Counter top over hang is not level. Any items which can roll off will. (found 5/15/04)
Long jagged scrapes in wood floor need to be fixed. Most likely result of appliance install.
Dent in freezer door as result of installation or movement. Fixed!
Metal is exposed over counter top corner on south side of pass thru.

Bathroom 2:
Bath Tub Door is not level and slides open on its own.

Master Bath:
Cracked tile which was broken during install of shower door needs to be replaced.

* Shower doors were slanted to fit properly but they still slide open when closed. I have been notified that my bath tub is seated at an angle and there is no apparent fix for this problem. work around: doors in master bath do not close fully and are getting worse with more use. The doors will need to be leveled.

Master Bed:
Have not unpacked this room yet. So far so good. We replaced the broken balcony door handle on our own which was broken sometime during the renovations.

Some balcony tiles are not filled with cement Filled

To date the following has been done to correct the above documented problems and others not documented

  1. Hard Wood floors which would bend under weight of a person in 2 areas have been filled with glue and weighted. Wood sounds hollow still when stepped on but is not moving any longer. the floor still has a hollow sound when knocked on showing it is not seated fully against the floor but it does not move as much as it did previously to the drilling and glue. I believe some additional glue will need to be put into the second bedroom / office floor near the balcony door eventually but for now I consider the problem fixed
  2. One out of 4 kitchen drawers was missing the extended slide rail allowing the drawer to be pulled fully out. This was corrected in early May. fixed
  3. Lights in kitchen which were turning on and off on their own have had lights replaced with lower watt bulbs. fixed
  4. Large globs of glue stuck on several tiles which is hard to remove. fixed 6/4/04
  5. Holes where previous shower curtain need to be filled or tiles replaced. holes filled 6/4/04
  6. Holes where previous shower curtain need to be filled or tiles replaced. holes filled 6/4/04
  7. Washer / dryer combo needs to be removed and either replaced with something that works in less than 4 hours a load or a credit given. removed 6/4/04
  8. Dishwasher wobbles and was attached to granite with caulking not epoxy new cement used 6/4/04
  9. Large kitchen light is loose and flickers when turned on 50% of the time. fixed 6/4/04 "clamps" installed
  10. Kitchen sink has caulk in it around drain. fixed 6/4/04
  11. Exposed uneven wood in second bedroom at bathroom door threshold. fixed 6/29/04


In any event, the goal of this web site is to put the problems that exist in an easily viewable format for all to see so they may be fixed faster. As a new owner here I have seen the communication issues which arise from dealing with as many units and demands which are placed on the GVP staff daily. When all of the issues with my condo are corrected I will replace this web site with the finished pictures detailing the renovation process and the before and after pictures. In the meantime I am writing a formal letter detailing the problems and my concerns. I would hate to see others experience the same issues we have since the solution is as simple as quality control and time management. I am sure you feel the same.



Call anytime if you have questions or would like to arrange to come visit the condo.


I now own a video camera! If a picture is worth a thousand words then video should be worth a million.


  • I still have a granite slab hanging off my counter at an angle steep enough to roll anything that can slide or roll off it.

  • Metal is exposed over kitchen over hang.
  • I still need a copy of the building permit for my records.

  • The atttmpted fix of the bathroom tile which was broken was a few months ago by using a clear silicon material to glue it in place was unsucessful. It still looks bad and the entire bathtub door will need to be taken off and the tile replaced.

  • Luckily we can kill two birds with one stone and level the tub door frame so the doors do not slide around at the angle they are at now. Both bathroom tub doors need to be leveled.

    7/2004 - 10/2004

    TCI control panel for alarm was replaced.

    The freezer door was replaced and looks great now with no bubble/dent in it.

    The balcony tiles which were not filled were filled up. It is better than it was. Thanks!

    I have removed the images of the items which have been fixed.

    Progress is being made thank you. Many of the small things have been addressed and I have moved them to the completed list.

  • Date published: 6/3/2004