A face lift for the new year

Welcome to the redesign of my personal spot on the internet where I critique and celebrate the random happenings at the Grandview Palace Condominium in beautiful North Bay Village Florida.

This website started in 2004 to get the attention of the developers of the building, James Edwards and  Dr Charles C Edwards of Maryland after receiving substandard upgrades to my newly purchased condominium. They chose to ignore formal requests until I took things to the internet.

Since 2008 this website has been mostly inactive and fairly silent as things have ran smoothly since the turnover of control to non-developer owners. The building has been in the best shape ever and both sale and rental prices have been climbing and no raises to monthly maintenance fees in years.

Unfortunately as of 1/17/2015 a new board of directors has been voted into place by the developer. The negative powers that be have taken control again so it is time to dust off the website, break out a fancy new keyboard to chronicle the endeavors of this new board of directors and to bring some much needed publication about these people, their actions and the direction they are taking this building.

The players 

  • Luciana Loureiro
  • Yveline Andrieu
  • Mark Solak
  • Julio Cesar De Faro Ramos – aka Jay De Faro Ramos aka J.C. Defaro aka JC Defaro
  • James Edwards – Developer

I am eagerly looking forward to chronicling  the success, failures and  misadventures of the folks listed above as they try to navigate the perils of dealing with the manipulative man who voted them into power while all the while trying to not run afoul of  Florida  law. I am anxious to see if they can be a positive force for change, or they will start dropping like flies and start quitting at the first sign of adversity when things don’t go their way.

You can expect news, parody, satire, multimedia  and every other wonderful form of expression gleefully celebrated and protected under the 1st amendment of US Constitution.

This link has some information about the conspiracy the new board is about to unravel while in office.

Next article:  Tips on how to file a complaint with the Florida Bar and some insight into how DBPR complaints get handled in a timely manner.


 “Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” –Mark Twain